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December 2021

The use of music therapy in pain clinics

Journal/Book: Music Therapy Perspectives. 1987; 4: 24-28.

Abstract: Defines biofeedback and discusses the clinical application of music and biofeedback to treat chronic pain patients, focusing on the setting and equipment, music selection, and treatment goals. A typical session using biofeedback and music is described. Current research on this treatment and questions pertaining to the efficacy of this approach, including the therapist-patient relationship, patient expectation of positive outcome, and the effects of imagery on health, are reviewed. It is hypothesized that relaxation, music, and imagery strengthen the right hemisphere of the brain, influencing the immune system, the ability to direct healing processes of the body, and enhancement of positive attitudes toward health and personal interactions. However, experimental data to support the successful use of music in pain rehabilitation are presently lacking. --------------------------------------- Asserts that to understand the contribution musical materials can make to facilitate motor learning processes, the psychological and physical properties of musically organized acoustic stimuli should be viewed within the framework of functional and neural mechanisms for motor behavior. A model of rhythmic auditory-motor integration is discussed, and the following factors are described: motor rhythm and external rhythm, neurophysiological aspects, automatization of movement patterns, temporal predictability and response anticipation, muscular fatigue and recovery time, auditory feedback and proprioceptive control, and rhythmic speech as internal movement control. Clinical applications are also described, including gait rehabilitation, rhythmical intention, and rhythmic initiation.

Note: Using Smart Source Parsing music therapy & biofeedback; chronic pain patients model of rhythmic auditory motor integration; rhythmic intervention techniques in music therapy with gross motor dysfunctions Using Smart Source Parsing

Keyword(s): Music therapy; chronic pain; Nervous system disorders; models ; auditory perception; motor processes

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