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October 2021

Music Therapy Services in Arizona: An alternative approach to service provision

Journal/Book: Journal of Music Therapy. 1987; 26: 95-99.

Abstract: Discusses Jung's concept of the Shadow, or personal unconscious, with reference to musical improvisations of emotionally disturbed patients in music therapy. The modern Jungian's concept of the "bright Shadow" is described as showing in music patients' potential for development, which may not evidence itself in any other way. Examples from 4 different case studies are given. Whether patients are able to make this potential become part of their changing lives depends on many factors, such as the therapist, the patient's support in the environment, and the patient's feeling of purpose in life. ABSTRACT 2: Presents information related to conceptualizing, initiating, and maintaining a private practice in the music therapy field, based on the author's own experience in establishing an independent agency for providing services in a metropolitan area. Contents include a description of the agency's concept and service provision and a discussion of practical business considerations for therapists considering private practice. (0 ref)

Note: Jung's concept of Shadow & musical improvisation in music therapy; emotionally disturbed adults

Keyword(s): Music therapy; jungian psychology; unconscious personality factor; emotionally disturbed; adulthood

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