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October 2021

Musicoterapia: Estudos preliminares de uma nova tecnica musicoterapica para pacientes esquizofrenicos. / Music therapy for treating schizophrenia: Preliminary studies of a new technical approach

Journal/Book: Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria. 1987; 36: 185-188.

Abstract: Asserts that the concept of Gestalt is foundational to a theory of music therapy in that it expresses the manner in which music is organized subjectively by the patient. D. W. Winnicott's (1971 (1985)) psychoanalytic concept of the Transitional Object expresses the manner in which a tune can defend against the patient's anxiety. The phenomenological perspective offered concerns the function of music therapy in society where it begins, with its function in the individual. A case report of an instance in which the creation of a Transitional Object occurred is offered. The "GestaltQualitat," the power of pattern or form, expresses being with music by metaphorizing the manner in which abstract sounds come to be lived as music. A therapist's awareness of the possible construction of Transitional Phenomena by the client might be heuristic for the direction of therapy.

Note: phenomenological theory of music therapy based on concepts of Gestalt & transitional objects

Keyword(s): Phenomenology ; gestalt psychology; transitional objects; music therapy

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