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November 2021

Applications of research in music behavior

Author(s): Prickett, Carol A., Gates, J. Terry

Abstract: 85024690 /MN/r90 edited by Clifford K. Madsen and Carol A. Prickett ; with a foreword by J. Terry Gates. Papers sponsored by the 1984-1985 symposium, The Alabama Project: Music, Society, and Education in America, J. Terry Gates, director. Bibliography: p. 339-363. Includes index. Good teaching may be in Sonata form / Cornelia Yarbrough -- Applications of research : teaching music to children. Effect of tempo on music preference of preschool through fourth-grade children / Wendy L. Sims -- Effects of age, sex, and activity on children's attentiveness in elementary school music classes / Randall S. Moore -- The effect of written descriptions on memory of fifth graders and undergraduates for orchestral excerpts / Patricia J. Flowers -- The use of behavioral contracts in music instruction / David E. Wolfe -- The effect of three evaluation procedures on the rehearsal achievement of eighth-grade band students / William Zurcher -- Children's responses to music stimuli : verbal/nonverbal, aural/visual modes / Harriet I. Hair -- Applications of research : teaching future teachers. Behavior checklists and videotapes versus standard instructor feedback in the development of a music teaching competency / Charles E. Furman. (cont.) The effect of a focused observation task and its transfer on the analysis of a kindergarten music class by pre-senior versus pre-internship music education/therapy majors / Jayne M. Standley, Dianne G. Greenfield -- Observation of applied music instruction : the perceptions of trained and untrained observers / Robert A. Duke -- The effect of self-monitoring on the rate of a verbal mannerism of song leaders / Carol A. Prickett -- Verbal training effects on teaching units : an exploratory study of music teaching antecedents and consequents / Judith A. Jellison, David E. Wolfe -- A model for personal evaluation / Amy Brown, Alice-Ann Darrow -- Applications of research : preference and perception. The effect of tempo, meter, and melodic complexity on the perception of tempo / Terry L. Kuhn -- The effect of musical excerpts on tempo discriminations and preferences of musicians and non-musicians / Cornelia Yarbrough. (cont.) A comparison of tempo selections by professional editors, pianists, and harpsichordists in Bach's Well-tempered Clavier, Book I / Joel Wapnick -- Pitch and tempo preferences in recorded popular music / John M. Geringer, Clifford K. Madsen -- The effect of choral compositional style on operant balance preference / Janice N. Killian -- Expressed opinions of composers, musical training, recording ownership, and their interrelationship / Harry E. Price, Cornelia Yarbrough -- Programmatic research in music : perception and performance of intonation / John M. Geringer, Clifford K. Madsen -- Applications of research : new horizons. Refinement of a measure of creative thinking in music / Peter R. Webster. Alabama Project: Music, Society, and Education in America.

Keyword(s): Music Instruction and study United States.. School music Instruction and study.

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