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October 2021

Toward developin a model of music therapy intervention in the rehabilitation of head trauma patients.

Author(s): traumatic-brain-injury, closed-head-injury.

Journal/Book: Music Therapy Perspectives. 1987; 4: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. National Association for Music Therapy 8455 Colesville Rd., Suite 930 20910 Silver Spring, Maryland USA. 34-39.

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to assist practicing music therapists and music therapy educators in understanding rehabilitation issues common to head trauma patients. For the purposes of this paper, head trauma patients are defined as those with a closed head injury (most typically the result of an automobile injury, diving accident, or other incident characterized by a blow to the head with resultant damage to brain structures) or a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), or stroke. A review of clinical and research literature is presented toward the development of a model of music therapy intervention in the rehabilitation of these patients. Examples of music therapy intervention strategies are offered with implications for future clinical study and research.

Keyword(s): music-therapy, rehabilitation, brain-injury, brain-damage, cerebral-vascular-accident, stroke.

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