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October 2021

Importance of creative therapy in rehabilitation of students with adaptation disorders

Author(s): Dubajka Brycka, Elzbieta, Borowiec, Antoni

Journal/Book: International Journal of Rehabilitation Research. 1987; 10: 224-227.

Abstract: Investigated whether a treatment program using music notation would improve the verbal rhythmic and intonational accuracy of 35 3-12 yr old hearing-impaired children. The degree of transfer to other reading and verbal skills was also examined. Ss participated in a treatment program for 40 consecutive days. Ss vocalized rhythmic and inflectional patterns at their highest individual verbal level. Results indicate that, while all Ss learned a substantial number of rhythmic and inflectional patterns, Ss capable of reading made the greatest gains in transferring their skill to novel verbal material. It is suggested that the use of music notation written below printed words could be a beneficial visual cue for verbal, rhythmic, and intonational accuracy in reading tasks with this population. For younger children, a more long-term treatment program is suggested to develop initial prosodic skills.

Note: music notation coupled with printed words; speech rhythm & inflection development; hearing impaired 3 12 yr olds

Keyword(s): Partially hearing impaired; inflection ; music therapy; speech therapy; speech development; preschool age children; school age children; childhood

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