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October 2021

The use of music therapy in pain clinics.

Journal/Book: Music Therapy Perspectives. 1987; 4: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. National Association for Music Therapy. 24-28.

Abstract: This article describes the clinical use of music in pain clinics and the holistic focus of many current rehabilitation programs. Issues surrounding the treatment of pain patients is presented to emphasize the necessity for clinicians to understand the complexity of treating this population. Biofeedback is defined, general background about the process of biofeedback training is reviewed, and a typical session using biofeedback and music in a pain clinic is described, along with the equipment needed to conduct a session. An overview of current research pertaining to this type of treatment is provided and questions pertaining to the efficacy of this approach are given. It is hypothesized that relaxation, music, and imagery strengthen the right hemisphere of the brain, influence the immune system, the ability to direct healing processes of the body, and enhancement of positive attitudes towards health and personal interactions. At present, however, a data base is lacking to support the successful use of music in pain rehabilitation.

Keyword(s): music-therapy, pain, chronic, holistic, biofeedback.

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