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October 2021

Fiscal, regulatory and legislative issues for the music therapist

Author(s): Reuer, Barbara Louise

Note: edited by Kate Gfeller ; [editorial assistant, Barbara Reuer]. Includes bibliographies. Pt. 1. External influences on music therapy practice. Music therapy : tuning up / Robert E. McDermit, Patti Arnold. DRGs : a prospective payment system of reimbursement / Mary Scovel. A commentary on professional accountability : preparing for the future / Charles E. Furman. QMRPs : what they are and how current legislation will affect the music therapist employed in ICF/MR facilities / William B. Davis. The accreditation process and its impact on music therapy practice / Richard Scalenghe. Licensure : the present climate for credentialing / Barbara L.Wheeler. Civil Service job lines for the music therapist / Barbara Reuer, Kate Gfeller. Music therapy in the public school : developing a network of support at the state level / Jane Hughes, Pam Grice McComb. -- Pt. 2. Organizing for action. Working within the system : legislation and regulation / Stuart Wegener, Kate Gfeller. Creative arts therapy coalitions / James A. Dziwak. Legislative activities at the state level / Barbara Reuer, Kate Gfeller.

Keyword(s): Music therapy.

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