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October 2021

Des rapports entre creativite, narcissisme, depressivite et depression. A propos de R. Schumann. (Correlations between creativity, narcissism, depressiveness, and depression: Regarding R. Schumann.) Special Issue: In recognition of Professor P. Deniker

Journal/Book: Psychologie Medicale. 1987; 19: 1777-1779.

Abstract: Explores psychodynamic origins of creativity as exemplified by German composer Schumann (1810-1856), whose life was characterized by various psychopathologies, including melancholia, anxiety neurosis, and hallucinatory states. A high narcissistic vulnerability combined with depressiveness was an important element in his psychic organization. The author suggests that Schumann's artistic creativity was linked with these personality traits and was not the result of Freudian sublimation alone. (English abstract)

Note: narcissism & melancholia & anxiety neurosis & hallucinatory states in creativity of composer R. Schumann

Keyword(s): Artists ; music ; creativity ; psychodynamics ; narcissism ; anxiety neurosis; hallucinations ; depression emotion

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