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October 2021

Histamine receptor-bearing lymphocytes (HRL). VIII.Splenopentin-accelerated reconstitution of the immunoresponsivenessafter elimination of HRL.

Journal/Book: Allerg-Immunol (Leipz) 1986, VOL: 32 (4), P: 267-70, ISSN: 0323-4398.. 1987;

Abstract: The maturation effect of DA-SP5 on a spleen cell population depleted ofimmunocompetent, histami nereceptor-bearing lymphocytes was examined.Conjugates of histamine and the A-chain of the mistletoe lectin I killedin vitro these cells and abolished, as shown in a previous paper, theirhumoral and cellular capacity by around 90%. Sublethally irradiated micewere reconstituted with the remaining cells and treated with DA-SP5 (3intraperitoneally injections of 10 micrograms DA-SP5 per week). Thestrong accelerating action of DA-SP5 on the restoration of the antibodyresponse is interpreted as an effect of DA-SP5 on the maturation of B-and T-cells under in vivo conditions. Author.

Keyword(s): ANIMAL

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