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October 2021

Akupunktur in der Schmerzbehandlung. Ohrakupunktur bei vertebragenen Erkrankungen

Journal/Book: Akupunktur - Theorie und Praxis. 1987; 15: 29-45.

Abstract: Diseases of vertebral origin are very frequent in daily practice. They are non-inflammatory and caused by local nervous irritation leading to a circulus vitiosus of muscle spasm, hypoxia, pain, functional inhibition and myotendinosis. These indications could be treated with reflex methods.Ear Acupuncture or auriculo-therapy according to Nogier is a well-known microsy stem with a fixed topographic scheme of the body. Organic or functional disturbances will change sensitivity and electrical skin conductance of the ear leading to active reflex points with a specific diagnostic and therapeutic relevance.In this study concerning frozen shoulder, cervical and lumbar pain syndromes were treated. A good relation between disease, active ear points (by examination of the sensitivity and skin conductance) and therapeutic effectiveness was seen. Further complicated methods and traditional Chinese concepts were excluded in diagnosis and treatment.In 83 patients there was a very good correspondence between disease and ear topography. Effectivity of auriculotherapy was seen in ca. 90% of verum and only 30% of placebo patients.Thus ear-acupuncture is a substantial alternative to pharmacotherapy in noninflammatory diseases of non-articular or vertebral origin.

Keyword(s): Ohrakupunktur

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