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October 2021

Réduction de posologie de médicaments psychotropes chez des personnes âgées vivant en institution. Étude à double-insu chez des patients prenanat soit de l'extrait de Ginkgo biloba 761 soit du placebo

Author(s): Bonnan, P., Martin, G.

Journal/Book: Psychologie Médicale. 1987; 19: 1365-1375.

Abstract: Forty four patients living in old people's home, aged 65 years and more, with mild cognitive functions impairment, objectified by Mini Mental State (Folstein) and the Global Deterioration Scale (Reisberg), were followed during 6 months in order to study:- the possibility to reduce the quantity of psychotropic drugs prescribed (Neuroleptics, Antidepressive agents, Tranquillisers/Hypnotics),- assess the efficacy of an associated treatment by Ginkgo biloba Extract 761 (Tanakan), in a double-blind randomised trial versus placebo.Psychotropic drugs were reduced at more than 50 % of the previous doses (Neuroleptics: 33 %, Antidepressive agents : 54 %, Tranquillisers/Hypnotics: 59 %), with an excellent tolerance.At the end of this study only the Ginkgo biloba Extract 761 treated group was improved on Mini Mental State, Global Deterioration Scale and Plutchik Geriatric Rating Scale.

Keyword(s): Ginkgo biloba

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