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October 2021

Zwei Todesfälle nach Zelltherapie

Author(s): Dienemann, D., Dißmann, W., Goebel, H. -H., Merkel, K., Meuth, M., Stein, H.

Journal/Book: Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift. 1987; 112 (25): 1006-1009.

Abstract: Fresh-cell therapy is a paramedical procedure whose claimed therapeutic success has not been proven bycustomary clinical tests (randomized, double-blind trials). In addition, the qualitatively and quantitatively non-standardized parenteral application of heterologous antigens presents considerable danger for the recipient in the form of fatal immune reactions. Two cases are reported in which history, clinical findings and autopsy provided evidence of a causal relationship between cell therapy and death. In one instance, a 75year-old woman died 30 days after an intramuscular injection of quick-frozen fresh cells from the effects of an immune-complex vasculitis; in the other, a 60-yearold woman died 14 days after »original fresh-cell treatment after Prof. Niehans« from perivenous leucoencephalitis.

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