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October 2021

Nitrat in der Nahrung - Auch ein Problem der Qualitätssicherung

Author(s): Kluthe, R.

Journal/Book: Aktuelle Ernährungsmedizin. 1987; 12: 191-224.

Abstract: Since nitrate in the food has been accused of possible participation in human cancerogenesis via the reaction pathway nitrate - nitrite - nitrosamine, it may be advisable to keep nitrate consumption via food as low as possible. To ensure this also in canteens, catering establishments, communal feeding and the like, these institutions should carefully consider as to what could be done to keep the proportion of nitrate and nitrite in the food as low as possible by suitably modifying the bill of fare. It goes without saying that large-scale ready-food suppliers ("meals an wheels", for example) should feel doubly responsible in this regard and should distribute only food that is healthy and well-balanced.We determined the nitrate and nitrite content of food prepared in the Central Kitchen Department of the University of Freiburg and served to patients as caloryreduced mixed diet. Average nitrate intake with these types of diet was 75 mg with a scatter range of 19 to 234 mg N03 . Nitrophilic types of vegetables were found to be, as had already been found previously, responsible for high nitrate levels. Nitrite supply was relatively low, the average being 0.56 mg NO2 (scatter 0.29-0.87 mg NO2 ).The authors calculate how one can easily exceed the WHO limit values in a more predominantly vegetarian diet (in contrast to present food trends in West Germany) if one fails to pay attention to the nitrate content in the food.

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