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October 2021

Thermometrische Objektivierung der Elekropunktur bei der Kopfschmerzbehandlung

Author(s): Petrow, J.

Journal/Book: Zeitschrift für Physiotherapy. 1987; 39 (3): 177-182.

Abstract: After having satisfied the expectations non-invasive, actual reflectory therapy in functional headache, the electropuncture should be objectified thermometrically. By means of the digital hand pyrometer medicine "Ursatherm Pyrovar" we performed thermometry on 180 patients with acute headache (72 cases of migraine, 57 cases of tension headache, 47 cases of cervicocranialgias, 4 cases of neuralgia of the trigeminus) over constant parts of the skull before and after electropuncture as well as in the following hours and days. On 60 patients before the correct electropuncture single blind tests by means of electric irritation of non-indicated (placebo) places of the skin were carried out. A group of 150 healthy test persons served for comparison. In comparison to the healthy persons the patients with headache had a significantly lower temperature of the skin and clear differences of the temperature between the left and right measuring places. The hypothermic regions were found above all on the more painful side of the head. In contrast to the placebo point irritation after the electropuncture in all cases of the disease apart from the decrease of pain an increase of the temperature and a complete equalization of the asymmetry of the temperature could be achieved. The thermometric observation of the course confirm the effectiveness of the reflex therapy on the neurovegetative system.

Keyword(s): Thermometrie

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