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October 2021

Therapie psychovegetativer Regulationsstörungen mit einem pflanzlichen Sedativum

Journal/Book: Therapiewoche. 1987; 37: 3486-3492.

Abstract: The efficacy and safety of Kytta-Sedativum?, a phytopharmaceutical combination of pulverized sedative medicinal plants (Kytta-Sedativum? Dragees) and extracts (KyttaSedativum? Tropfen) in the treatment of disturbances of psycho-vegetative regulation (PVR) was studied in a case control study in 80 adult and adoles cent patients and 20 children. The severity of cardinal symptoms of PVR was assessed before, 2 weeks after initiation and at the end of a 4 week treatment period with Kytta-Sedativum?. In 90% or more cases a decrease in severity of the major Symptoms resp. their disappearance could be achieved. The success rate in sleep disturbances (difficulty in falling asleep) was 8410,01. The overall therapeutic effect was rated as very good or good in 78% of the patients. Transient gastro-intestinal disturbances were recorded in 2 patients. Transient initial tiredness occurred in one case. With this exception no impairment of vigilance was observed.

Keyword(s): Regulationsstörungen, psychovegetative Kytta-Sedativum

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