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October 2021

A pharmaco kinetic comparison of two dalayed-release peppermint oil preparations, Colpermin and Mintec, for treatment of the irritable bowel syndrome

Author(s): Thompson, S., Wilson, C., Bell, G.

Journal/Book: Int J Pharm. 1987; 40: 151-155.

Abstract: Urinary excretion of menthol and its glucuronide metabolites was used to compare the pharmacokinetic profile of peppermint oil (0.6 ml) given as Colpermin or Mintec preparations to 13 normal subjects. Peak concentrations of menthol occurred 3 h after administration of the Mintec preparation, thereafter the concentrations rapidly decreased. In contrast, the urinary concentration time profile of menthol after Colpermin showed lower concentrations which were maintained for up to 9 h after dosing. This data indicates that the Colpermin preparation delivers peppermint oil more effectively to the distal small intestine and ascending colon than the Mintec formulation.

Keyword(s): Peppermint oil

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