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October 2021

Einfluß einer 7tägigen Behandlung mit Cerbrolysin auf die Atmung von Hirnmitochondrien

Author(s): Piswanger, A.

Journal/Book: Neuropsychiatrie. 1987; 1: 83-88.

Abstract: Effects of Cerebrolysine treatment over a 7-day period on respiratory activity of brain mitochondria. Treatment of 4-weeksold as well as 12-month-old rats with a daily dosage of 2,5 ml Cerebrolysine/kg body weight (i. p.) over a period of 7 days results in no effects on mitochondrial function. Further addition of Cerebrolysine to the puffer for mitochondrial experiments does not influence mitochondrial respiration, even in extremly high dosage. Simultanely done experiments with particle-free supernatants of brain homogenates to check Cerebrolysine effects on glycolytic enzymes remained without the proof of any effects. But extremly high dosage-depended increase of oxidative metabolism could be measured in experiments with brain homogenates and brain slices, prepared according to two different methods. All the results suggest that Cerebrolysine effects are not mediated by a direct action on single enzymes but by complex mechanisms involving receptor systems.

Keyword(s): Cerebrolysin

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