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October 2021

Inhibitory effect of acupuncture on the finger flexion reflex induced by finger tip vibration

Author(s): Sibuya, M., Endo, Y., Homma, I.

Journal/Book: Neuroscience Research. 1987; 4(5): 419-423.

Abstract: The effect of acupuncture on finger flexion reflex, caused by mechanical vibration applied to the finger tip, was studied by using the cross-correlation function. A stainless steel acupuncture needle was inserted into the acupuncture point called "Wai-Kuan" for 10 min. Acupuncture inhibited the reflex and suppressed the two modes seen in the cross-correlogram between unitary EMG activity of the muscle flexor digitorum superficialis and finger tip vibration with random frequency. The recovery of the primary mode, which may be via the spinal monosynaptic reflex loop, was significantly earlier than the recovery of the secondary mode, which may be via the supraspinal reflex long loop. This suggests that the distinct inhibitory effect of acupuncture takes place on the reflex at spinal and supraspinal levels.

Keyword(s): Action-Potentials

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