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Meridian-like networks of internal organs, corresponding to traditional Chinese 12 main meridians and their acupuncture points as detected by the

Journal/Book: Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics Researche. 1987; 12(1): 53-70.

Abstract: The "Bi-Digital O-Ring Test" imaging method has been successfully used not only to outline the internal organs but also malignant tumors as long as identical reference control tissue is available, regardless of whether it comes from the same individual or others, without exposing the patient to undesirable radiation from X-Rays, strong magnetic field or ultra-sound. While imaging the outline of the internal organs the author found that, from the surface of each organ, lines or networks of lines extend to other parts of the body. Such a line closely resembles well-known lines of meridians of major internal organs in Oriental medicine. This meridian-like network of each internal organ can be imaged using a microscopic slide, dessicated tissue or raw tissue of the same internal organ as reference control substance in "Bi-Digital O-Ring Test" imaging method. In previous papers, among meridians of 12 main internal organs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the author was able to find which meridian corresponds to which internal organ of Western Medicine as in 10 meridians by "Bi-Digital O-Ring Test" imaging with corresponding internal organs as reference control substances, with the exception of "Pericardium Meridian", and "Triple Burner Meridian". In this study we were able to confirm that the "Pericardium Meridian" can be imaged mainly using adrenal gland as a reference control substance and "Triple Burner Meridian" can be imaged by the ovary or adrenal gland in the female and also can be imaged by the testes or adrenal gland in the male. Thus, the author was able to confirm, for the first time, the corresponding internal organ of Western Medicine for each one of the 12 main meridians. During this study, when actively imaging the meridian-like network, the author found bulging areas of the meridian-like network at specific locations, and found that these bulging areas correspond to specific acupuncture points. The area or average diameter of these acupuncture points often increased in the abnormal area and returned relatively small normal diameter by acupuncture given on certain acupuncture points of the same meridian. Thus, one can find the exact location of the meridian-like network and specific acupuncture points along the network. Therefore, it is now possible to re-evaluate true effects of giving acupuncture on these specific points as well as some of the other classical concepts of acupuncture.

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