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October 2022

Am J Chin Med. 1986 ; 14(1-2): 73-83.

The effect of needle stimulation of acupuncture loci Tienshu (St-25) Chung-Wan (CV-12) on the immune response in sensitized mice against experimental cholera.

Kuan TK, Lee SP, Lin JG, Shen M.

The effects of stimulation of acupuncture loci from Tien-Shu (St-25) piercing through Chung-Wan (CV-12) on the Leukocytes and immune response were assessed in mice (that is, the anatomical equivalent of these loci of human acupuncture points). The leukocyte count increased and reached its highest level two hours after needling, then restored to normal level 24 hours later both in normal mice and immunized mice. Statistical analysis showed no significant variation on the lymphocyte/total leukocyte ratio in normal mice or immunized mice before, during and after needling. The effects of acupuncture on the production of anti-Vibrio cholerae in serum of the immunized mice can not be found, but produced positive effects in small intestine both on production of SIgA and antagonism to cholera. Furthermore these enhanced effects were higher by needling after oral (p.o.) boosting than that before oral boosting.

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