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October 2022

Nephron. 1986 ; 42(3): 196-9.

Effects of a low phosphorus, low nitrogen diet supplemented with essential amino acids and ketoanalogues on serum triglycerides of chronic uremic patients.

Ciardella F, Morelli E, Niosi F, Caprioli R, Baldi R, Cupisti A, Petronio G, Carbone C, Barsotti G.

The effects were studied of a vegetarian low-protein, low-phosphorus diet supplemented with essential amino acids and ketoanalogues and those of maintenance hemodialysis (MHD) and free diet on the serum triglycerides (STG) of 85 patients with chronic renal failure. Following dietary therapy STG decreased significantly in the 61 male patients (from 185.7 +/- 89.8 to 153.5 +/- 68.7 mg/dl; p less than 0.001), whereas in the females the decrease was not significant (from 189.1 +/- 83.9 to 167.0 +/- 62.2 mg/dl; NS). When patients changed to MHD therapy and free diet STG increased again. We can conclude that the correction of hypogonadism of chronic male uremics largely accounts for the improvement of hypertriglyceridemia, though other factors are likely to contribute.

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