Heilpflanzen-Welt - Die Welt der Heilpflanzen!
Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
October 2022

J Ethnopharmacol. 1986 Dec; 18(3): 257-66.

Nigerian folk medicine: practices and beliefs of the Ondo people.

Gill LS, Akinwumi C.

One hundred informants including full time/part time herbalists, old ladies, family heads and village heads were interviewed for the type of plants used in their homes for the treatment of some common diseases. Forty eight plant species were found to be used by Ondo people in folk medicine. Fourteen species were found to contain alkaloids and 34 plant species were found to have local actions. The plant parts used, their uses and biodynamic notes are given.

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