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September 2022

Rev Med Interne. 1986 Nov; 7(5): 471-6.

[Tobacco detoxication by acupuncture and group psychotherapy]

Lebeau B, Vidal C, Billion A, Torcy M, Rochemaure J.

In the out-patient tobacco detoxication unit created, in 1977, within the pneumology department of the Hôtel-Dieu hospital, Paris, the method used is a combination of acupuncture and group psychotherapy. Its effectiveness has been evaluated, over a 2-year period, by means of a questionnaire mailed to each patient and followed, if necessary, by up to 3 reminders. A computer-assisted assessment of the data thus collected provided a follow-up of varying duration of the 555 patients concerned; 488 patients were treated, then contacted, and 371 (76 p. 100) answered the questionnaire. Weaning--defined here as complete detoxication with a 2 to 28 months follow-up when the questionnaire was filled--was obtained in 24 p. 100 of the patients who answered. Other evaluation criteria would have given figures ranging from 18 p. 100 to 58.6 p. 100. The main reason for failure mentioned by the patients was lack of will. An exhaustive study of 84 publications concerning more than 10,000 candidates to weaning showed that similar results are obtained with several types of psychotherapy, acupuncture and auriculotherapy: a success rate of about 60 p. 100 at the end of treatment, 40 p. 100 at 3 months and 30 p. 100 at 6 months and one year. The results obtained with drugs are not as good, perhaps because their use betrays a lesser desire to give up smoking.

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