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October 2022

Am J Chin Med. 1986 ; 14(3-4): 171-4.

Tension headache treated by anti-inflammatory drug injected into GB 20 acupuncture point.

Sternfeld M, Finkelstein Y, Hai E, Hod I.

The anti-inflammatory drug Voltaren (0-(36-dichlorophenyl)-amino acetate) is a relatively new substance in the systemic treatment of various pain inducing diseases related to the musculoskeletal elements. In order to achieve effective results, relatively high dosage, applied P.O.P.R. or I.M. should be used for prolonged periods. The acupuncture methods presented the eastern minded western physician with a detailed list of trigger points which may have abrogated certain painful symptoms when appropriately used by acupuncture maneuvers alone. In the present study the possibility of using the appropriate acupuncture point GB 20 for the injection of Voltaren, in an attempt to relieve stable and prolonged tension headaches, has been considered. Thus, acceptable and combined eastern-western treatment method, if found successful, may be evolved. GB 20 point has been selected because of its effective influence among others, on tension headaches, a highly common and most distressing syndrome poorly treated by conventional approaches in most clinics.

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