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October 2022

Nauchnye Doki Vyss Shkoly Biol Nauki. 1986 ; (9): 49-54.

[Functional architectonics of neuronal antinociceptive mechanisms during the electroacupuncture method of reflex action]

Durinian RA, Chuvin BT, MeÄ­zerov EE, Reshetniak VK.

The peculiarities of neurone bioelectric activity of sensory thalamic nuclei under electroacupuncture (EAP) stimulation have been studied in acute experiments on cats. EAP stimulation has been established to change spontaneous and evoked activity of neurones of sensory thalamic nuclei, that testifies to the development of a new functional state. The functional state of the cortex, in particular the second somatosensory region has been shown to determine the nature of neurone activation of sensory thalamic nuclei during the EAP stimulation. Schemes of possible organization of functional pools realizing the mechanisms of inhibition of nociceptive signals on central neurones during EAP way of reflex stimulation are suggested.

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