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June 2023

Kosm Biol Aviakosm Med. 1986 May-Jun; 20(3): 61-8.

[Electric conductivity of the skin in humans and monkeys]

NeborskiÄ­ AT, Belkaniia GS.

The topographic and functional correlation of acupuncture skin zones on the limbs of humans (99 healthy subjects) and monkeys (64 adult hamadryas baboons and rhesus-monkeys) was compared by measuring the electric conductivity of the skin (ECS). The profile of the ECS was found to be an informative and sensitive integrated indicator of the functional state of the body and of the autonomic nervous system. The parameter ECS showed seasonal variations and relief differences with respect to the two phases of the menstrual cycle in women. The parameter ECS displayed distinct differences between men and women as well as species differences between men, hamadryas baboons and rhesus-monkeys. The high differential informativeness of the ECS is indicated by the functional differences of the primate body under various constraint conditions. The anatomical and topographic correlation of acupuncture skin zones and similarity of ECS characteristics in man and monkeys suggest that the formation of functional characteristics of the ECS in various types of primates has a common philogenetic basis. It is concluded that monkeys can be used as an adequate experimental model for further evaluation of the ECS as a method to measure and diagnose functional and pathological changes in the body.

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