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October 2022

J Ethnopharmacol. 1986 Feb; 15(2): 145-51.

Pharmacologic effects of an aqueous extract of Rhigiocarya racemifera.

Aguwa CN.

Several pharmacologic studies were carried out with an aqueous extract of Rhigiocarya racemifera after phytochemical tests revealed the main constituents to be glycosides, saponins and tannins. Studies on intact mice showed that the extract has an intraperitoneal LD50 of 142 mg/kg and that 50 mg/kg of the extract reduced gastrointestinal motility comparable to 10 mg/kg of atropine. In rats, 28 mg/kg of extract showed significant anti-ulcer activity against indomethacin-induced ulcer and this effect was equivalent to 100 mg/kg of cimetidine. Studies on isolated tissue revealed that it may have musculotropic antispasmotic effects. These preliminary investigations seem to support its use by herbalists to treat various gastrointestinal disorders.

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