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September 2022

Acta Psiquiatr Psicol Am Lat. 1986 Sep; 32(3): 223-31.

[Alcoholism as an adaptation-disadaptation factor in the district of La Matanza]

Tisminetzky M, Aguirre P, Frankel D, García MG, Malamud M.

This paper is concerned with the use of alcohol and folkloric medicine in migratory populations. Some field-research was undertaken as a systemic approach to reality in the district of La Matanza (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Considering a previous contribution presented by the author in reference to alcoholic families (Prize 1981, Journal of Family Therapy) findings highlight that alcoholism and folkloric medicine persist and increase insomuch as the possibilities for adjustment to a new culture decrease. Thus, social segregation of migratory populations increases. Finally, an interdisciplinary psychotherapeutic model is outlined.

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