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October 2022

Indian J Lepr. 1986 Oct-Dec; 58(4): 618-22.

The usefulness of acupuncture in leprosy.

Jagirdar PC.

The damage to motor nerves in leprosy causes imbalance at various joints and these postural alterations result in various deformities. Active exercises which can prevent disuse atrophy of muscles, are not possible when the muscles are completely paralyzed. Needleless electroacupuncture produces electric impulses similar to nerve impulses. Electroacupuncture done at the correct acupuncture points can give active exercises to the paralyzed muscles and thus prevent disuse atrophy of the paralyzed muscles. Electroacupuncture can serve as the most effective physical therapy to prevent and treat early deformities such as claw hand, foot drop, trophic ulcer, etc. Acupuncture can give relief from the neuritic pain in leprosy.

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