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October 2022

Psychopharmacology (Berl). 1986 ; 89(3): 338-9.

Prolonged cataleptogenic effects of potentized homoeopathic drugs.

Sukul NC, Bala SK, Bhattacharyya B.

The four homoeopathic drugs, Gelsemium, Cannabis Indica, Graphites and Agaricus Muscarius, administered orally in 30th and 200th potencies on white rats, enhanced restraint-induced catalepsy in a similar manner to the two standard drugs pilocarpine and haloperidol (IP injection at 5 mg/kg). All the drugs tested differed from each other in the duration of cataleptogenic effect, which was more prolonged with Cannabis, Graphites and Agaricus than with Gelsemium and the two non-homoeopathic drugs used. The 200th potency of any homoeopathic drug tested acted longer than its 30th potency.

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