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October 2022

Zh Nevropatol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 1986 ; 86(5): 684-8.

[Efficacy of treating patients with vegetative and vascular crises of a neurotic nature (comparative electrophysiologic study)]

VeÄ­n AM, Tabeeva GR, Iakhno NN.

On the basis of clinical, electrophysiological, psychologic and vegetative parameters, the authors treated 66 patients with vegetovascular crises of neurotic nature using acupuncture, beta-adrenoblockers, psychotropic means and a combination of beta-adrenoblockers with psychotropic drugs. Acupuncture led to changes in all the aforegoing parameters. Psychotropic therapy reduced activating influences, predominantly in the "ascending" direction, anaprilin led to the maximum inhibition of the vegetative component of the crisis. With all methods of treatment emotional-personality alterations showed the greatest degree of normalization. This confirms the correctness of the term "psycho-vegetative" syndrome which emphasizes the leading role of mental disorders in the genesis of vegetovascular dystonia in neurotic patients.

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