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September 2022

Int Arch Allergy Appl Immunol. 1986 ; 81(4): 357-62.

Suppression of murine IgE responses with amino acid polymer/allergen conjugates. IV. Suppressive activities in established IgE model systems.

Moran DM, Wheeler AW, Henderson DC, Whittall N.

Conjugates of poly-N-methylglycine (polysarcosine) and grass pollen extracts, previously found to be capable of suppressing immature IgE antibody responses in mice, were shown to be highly effective at inhibiting the capacity of immune splenocytes to produce a secondary response in sub-lethally irradiated recipient animals. Anamnestic IgE responses in mice primed without adjuvant were also suppressed, but the effects were modest and of short duration. The predictive value of murine models for selecting clinically appropriate specific IgE suppressive agents and treatment schedules that might be successfully employed for clinical use are discussed.

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