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October 2021

Whole Body Cryo-therapy is method of extreme cold -175C treatment initially used for Rheumatoid Arthritis *

Journal/Book: Z. Phys. Med. Baln. Med. Klim. 15 (1986) 311. 1986;

Abstract: * siehe Vorwort It has emerged to be highly effective for steroid dependant chronic disease. Most of our cases were from 3 disease groups: R.A. Collagen disease and Asthma. We measured progress in terms of standard biochemical data of blond and synovial fluid X-rays A.D.L. index lung function tests and reduction of steroid intake. W.B.C.T. appears to stimulate the hypothalamic pituatary adrenal axis. Plasma ACTH levels rise (39.4 pg/ml 17.9 66.3 pg/ml 29.3). Research an patients with daily or frequent dosage of steroids revealed urine 17 OH-CS level of 0.16 mg/day (mean) rising to 4.36 mg/day (mean) after 37.3 days W.B.C.T. (mean). The maximum change was from 0.02 mg/day to 4.86 mg/day after 45 days treatment (243 fold). In 10 asthmatic patients FVC: 30.2% ( (51.3-80.5%) FEV: 49.9% ( (38.7-78.6). The patients had a reduced frequency and duration of attacks and stopped steroid and broncho-dilator dependance. 13 patients who had required 15 mg prednisolone/ day (mean) stopped steroids after 7.7 months (mean). Conclusion: -175C Whole Body Cryo-therapy produces remarkable clinical improvement in a wide range of chronic diseases (steroid dependant and non-steroid dependant). The enhanced hypothalamic pituatary adrenal function is one of many hormonal systems involved in the therapeutic effects of extreme cold treatment. Hot spring is very harmful to Rheumatoid Arthritis. ___MH

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