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October 2021

The effect of reminiscence and music on movement participation level of elderly care-home residents

Abstract: The purpose of the present study was to explore the addition of reminiscence activity as a possible motivator for elderly care-home residents' participation in music-movement programs. Thiry-three subjects of two comparable nursing homes were randomly assigned to a music/movement/ reminiscence, or movement only group for twelve sessions. The treatment program consisted of movement sequences designed to increase flexibility and range of motion. The length and content of the movement sequences for all groups and the selected music employed in the treatment groups' session remained the same throughout the study. The music/movement/reminiscence group experienced brief reminiscence discussions prior to each movement session. Data indicating the movement participation level for each subject were recorded. A one-way analysis of variance revealed no significant differences in the movement participation levels among groups. Results and observations derived from the present investigation are consistent with the following premises discussed in literature: (1) Motivation is highly individual. There is seldom any one factor or technique which proves to be motivating for an entire group. (2) Reminiscence is an enjoyable activity for many elderly persons. (3) Music helps supply rhythm and structure for physical movement. (4) Both music and reminiscence may aid in creating a state of alertness in elderly care-home residents.

Note: reminiscence, movement-participation-levels.

Keyword(s): music, movement, participation, elderly, nursing-home, residents, motivation.

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