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October 2021

A Model Introductory Course in Music Therapy, with a Model Computer-Assisted Instructional Unit for Multihandicapped Children

Abstract: This project incorporated the use of a computer-assisted instructional unit into the Introduction to Music Therapy course to reinforce the students' knowledge of the multihandicapped population. The computer-assisted instructional unit is basedon "Music Therapy for Multihandicapped Children", a monograph from the ninemonograph, three volume collection. Music Therapy for Handicapped Children edited by Wanda B Lathom and Charles T. Eagle, Jr. The project also included: a sampling of course syllabi from the Introduction to Music Therapy course at ten colleges and universities, a course syllabus based on the above sample which includes computer-assisted instructional units, a sample computer-assisted instructional unit which contains 63 multiple-choice questions from the monograph, "Music Therapy for Multihandicapped Children", and a discussion of concepts behind and underlying computer-assisted instructional programs.

Keyword(s): multiple-disabilities, music-therapy-curriculum, children, music-therapy, computer-assisted-instructional-programs.

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