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October 2021

Music therapy: Health profession or cultural movement?

Journal/Book: Music Therapy. 1986; 7: 34-37.

Abstract: Describes the collaborative approach of social work and music therapy (MT) in working with the children (aged 18 yrs and younger) and families of adult cancer patients. The direction that the conjoint use of social work and MT takes is dependent on factors such as the age of the children, the stage of the parent's illness, the type of family unit, and the religious or cultural background. Three case studies involving 5 3-9 yr old children illustrate these factors. Methods of intervention and their significance and the determination of criteria for inclusion of a family in this dual approach are also discussed. ABSTRACT 2: Proposes that the current concept of science and reality that is evolving from the movement toward a paradigmatic change in the science of physics will be answered by modification in the somewhat loose structure of music therapy theory. A history of music therapy is presented, as well as 2 opposing world views drawn as a consequence of a holistic approach to life. One view entails seeking another reality behind what is commonly known, while the other constructs the world through re-presenting sensations through a culturally derived language system. The aesthetic impact of music is also discussed.

Note: social work & music therapy; 3 9 yr old children of adult cancer patients scientific concepts & world views of music therapy theory

Keyword(s): Social casework; music therapy; offspring ; parents ; neoplasms ; preschool age children; school age children; childhood ; adulthood. World view; music therapy; theoretical orientation

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