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October 2021

Effects of signal envelope on the pitch of short sinusoidal tones

Author(s): Houtsma, A. J.

Journal/Book: J Acoust Soc Am. 1986; 79: 1926-33.

Abstract: The pitch of short sinusoidal tones with exponentially rising or decaying envelopes is judged higher than the pitch of a gated tone of the same frequency, duration, and energy. The upward pitch shift depends on the rise or decay rate, the intensity, and the frequency. The effect, which requires a nonlinearity in the auditory system, cannot be adequately explained by existing models of hearing. Control experiments on pitch matching for short tones of varying duration and varying intensity are described. These suggest that envelope-induced pitch effects are linked to changes in average intensity, so that they are essentially the same as intensity-induced pitch changes. A model based on these considerations is proposed.

Keyword(s): Pitch Perception|

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