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November 2022

A Review of Two Case Studies Using Music Therapy With Multihandicapped Children

Author(s): Dorothea-Roberts, RMT. St-Pauls-School-for-the-Blind-and-Children-with-Special-Needs. Kew. Victoria. Australia.

Journal/Book: Australian Music Therapy Association Conference Proceedings. 1986; Australia. Australian Music Therapy Asociation 2/31 Abercrombie street 3103 Deepdene Australia. Collected Works.

Abstract: In this paper, there is a report for the use of music therapy with two multihandicapped children. Aims for the first student were to stimulate motivation in singing, develope breath control, and develope fine motor control in the short term, and improved posture, hand grip and concentration in the long term. It was found that posture control, hand grip, breath control and concentration all improved. With the second student short term aims were to develop awareness of affective states of music, understanding of music concepts and rhythms, and work on movement to music. Long term aims were to increase sensory motor integration, develope fine motor skills, improve self esteem and self satisfaction in music educational and recreational activities. The student achieved most of the long and short term aims set for him.

Keyword(s): Multiple-disabilities, visual-impairement, cerebral-palsy, case-study.

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