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October 2021

Medical care at the 1982 US Festival

Author(s): Salinas, C., Shear, C. L., Rodney, W. M.

Journal/Book: Ann Emerg Med. 1986; 15: 520-7.

Abstract: The 1982 US Festival, a three-day outdoor rock music festival, attracted close to 410,000 people. Through a private contractor, a group of physicians participated in the design, administration, and implementation of medical care for this event. Basic ambulatory care was provided by a multitiered approach, using emergency medical technicians, registered nurses, medical health counselors, and physicians. A total of 2, 623 encounters required examination and evaluation by health professionals. Thirty-eight percent (1,014 cases) involved minor surgical trauma. Extreme environmental conditions, including temperatures exceeding 114 F, high winds, and unusually high dust concentrations, were thought to be responsible for 361 (13.6%) cases of reactive airway disease and 184 (7%) cases of heat exhaustion. There were 91 transports, of which 12 were classified as major casualties; there were no deaths.

Keyword(s): Emergency Medical Services|/MA/MT/OG. Music|

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