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October 2021

Predictors of benefit from art, movement, and poetry therapy: A pilot study

Author(s): Pitak Davis, Suzanne, Waronker, Janet, Goldstein, Marion, et al.

Journal/Book: Psychiatric Hospital. 1986; 17: 87-90.

Abstract: Attempted to establish criteria for assigning mentally ill patients to the creative arts therapies. Selected psychological tests were administered to 31 inpatients of diverse diagnoses who each received treatment in art, movement, and poetry therapy. The relationships of these test scores and therapist prediction of benefit ratings to outcome were evaluated through analysis of variance (ANOVA) and canonical correlation. Outcome was measured by S ratings and figure drawings. Results show few significant predictors, but art therapy appeared to be the most helpful of the 3 modalities, with poetry 2nd and movement therapy 3rd. Findings are discussed with regard to design and other research issues.

Note: art vs movement vs poetry therapies; mentally ill patients

Keyword(s): Psychiatric patients; art therapy; dance therapy; adulthood ; poetry

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