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October 2021

[Initial experiences in the combined treatment of aphasia patients following cerebrovascular insult by speech therapists and music therapists]

Author(s): Kirchner, D.

Journal/Book: Zfa. 1986; 41: 123-8.

Abstract: With the publication we try to indicate the common work of speech therapist and music-therapist of the medical treatment of aphasic patients after a cerebrovascular accident (stroke). This combined method of medical treatment has been proved best. In the geriatric centre in Berlin-Buch the co-operation is carried out in the following way: the logopaedic diagnosis of the kind of aphasia is so that the speech therapist and music-therapist can start treating the patients suffering from aphasia with special modified therapy programmes which is coordinated with each other. Most patients can be treated with logopaedic methods successfully. Patients who are difficult to treat with logopaedic methods get additional music therapeutic treatment so that the whole success of medical treatment becomes more comprehensive and more effective.

Keyword(s): Aphasia|DI/TH. Cerebral Infarction|DI/TH. Music Therapy|. Speech Therapy|

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