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October 2021

Effects of interpersonal dynamics in the student-teacher dyads on diagnostic and remedial content of four private violin lessons

Journal/Book: Psychology of Music. 1986; 14: 130-139.

Abstract: Analyzed the psychological dynamics of 4 violin teachers and 4 of their students (aged 11-17 yrs) in a 1-on-1 studio setting by using Freud's concept of "defense mechanisms." Videotapes were made of each session and they were then interpreted using theoretical concepts that included projection and turning passive into active. Interpretations of behaviors from the videos are discussed with case vignettes. By applying psychological interpretation to the teaching process the teacher can formulate new patterns of interactions, use the language of psychology to make more accurate distinctions between curricula and personal inclinations, broaden the scope of ideas regarding teaching music, or become aware of latent personal agendas that occur in the private lesson.

Note: psychological dynamics of teaching process; violin teachers & their 11 17 yr old students

Keyword(s): Musical instruments; teacher student interaction; music education; psychodynamics ; childhood ; adolescence ; adulthood

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