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October 2021

The Revival of Speculative Music

Journal/Book: Musiktherapeutische Umschau. 1986; 7: Stuttgart. G. Fischer Verlag. 25-41.

Abstract: Speculative music has to do with a musical view of the cosmos and a cosmic approach to music. As philosophy sees it, our knowledge of the cosmos can never be acquired directly. We understand it only as we find it reflected in our own understanding, in other words "speculatively" (from the Latin "speculum", a mirror). This contribution to the concept of "speculative music", as represented by (among others) ALBERT VON THIMUS, HANS KAYSER, MARIUS, MARIUS SCHNEIDER, RUDOLF HAASE, RUDOLF STEINER and his successors, is of considerable significance for research into basic principles of music therapy in the 20th century. The work of music therapists today may be based on Kayser's research into harmonics, or on the insights of Steiner's anthroposophy. Hence the article can also lead non-professionals to a better understanding of the principles on which these schools of thought within music therapy are based.

Keyword(s): Speculative-music, cosmos, harmonics, anthroposophy.

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