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October 2021

Coping with insomnia. Helping patients manage sleeplessness without drugs

Journal/Book: Postgrad Med. 1986; 79: 265-74.

Abstract: Sleep, a vital ingredient in life, is often taken for granted until something goes awry and sleep no longer comes easily. Occasional bouts of sleeplessness are normal, but for some persons, perhaps as much as 20% of the adult population, insomnia is a recurring problem for which they may turn to over-the-counter or prescription sleeping pills as a solution. In all but the most extreme cases, however, medication is not necessary and nondrug remedies are sufficient for lulling the patient back to sleep. In this article, Dr Fletcher describes what everyone should know about the complex process of sleep and offers suggestions, including some familiar old-fashioned home remedies, on what to do when sleep is evasive.

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