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October 2021

The effect of vocal training on the intonation and rate of hearing impaired children's speech: A pilot study

Author(s): Starmer, G. J.

Journal/Book: Journal of Music therapy. 1986; Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. National Association for Music therapy. journal article.

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to examine the effect of vocal training on the fundamental frequency, frequency range and speech rate (syllables per second) of hearing impaired children's speech. Twenty-two hearing impaired children from a state school for the deaf served as subjects. Hearing losses were classified as severely and profoundly hearing impaired. Subjects attended a 30 minute vocal training class twice weekly for 8 weeks. Students spent equal amounts of time per class singing songs and participating in vocal exercises. Subjects were pretested and posttested speaking 10 common sentences, five questions and five statement. Audio tape recordings of speech were analyzed via the Visi-Pitch for fundamental frequency, frequency range, and speech rate, and for intonation differences between statements and questions. Results indicated a significant reduction of fundamental frequency and a significant increase in frequency range following vocal training. No significant differences were found regarding speech rate or intonation differences and statements.

Keyword(s): vocal, training, intonation, hearing-impaired, children, speech, fundamental, frequency, hearing-disorder, hearing-loss, hearing-defects, hearing-difficulties.

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