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October 2021

Abstracts of the Diploma theses of Music therapy Students of 1984

Author(s): Bellm, G., Damminge, J., al. , et

Journal/Book: Musiktherapeutische Umschau. 1986; 7: Stuttgart. G. Fischer Verlag. 145-149.

Abstract: BAUER,M.:Creativity in musictherapeutic Improvisation; BELLM,G.:Prenatal Experience of Music; DAMMINGER,J.:Analyses of musical and verbal behaviour in case studies; FLAIG,G.:Urrhythmus and Regression in Music Therapy; FLEMING-RAABE.: Possibilities of Music Therapy in In-patient Treatment of Alchoholics; HAMPEL,A.:Man-Music-Breathing - the Significance of Breathing in Music Therapy; HARM,T.:Regression in Music Therapy; KIAU,U.: The Image of the Music Therapist; KROKER,E.:The Gong - the Instrument, its Effects and Possible Uses in Music Therapy; NISSEN,F.: Evaluation Possibilities in music Therapy; ORDYNIAK,M.:Male and Female in Music Therapy, the Archetypes according to J.J.JUNG Related to Instruments used in Music Therapy; REICHERT,B.:Play Therapy and Music Therapy; RETTENMAIER,I.:Leader qualities in Music Therapy; SCHNIEBER,A.:Physiologisch-orientated Voice Production and its Effect on the Psyche; SCHUHMANN, H.-M.: The Use of Songs in Music Therapy; SEIFERT,I.:The Character of Tone and its Significance in Various Cultures; SINKWITZ,D.:Symbiosis in Music Therapy; STAKEMANN,R.: Family Therapy and Music Therapy; TöNJES,V.; WAGENER,H.;WITTEKIND,M. TRUNCATED

Keyword(s): Diploma-theses.

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