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October 2021

An expressive arts model for substance abuse group training and treatment

Author(s): Castricone, Lincoln

Journal/Book: Arts in Psychotherapy. 1986; 13: 53-59.

Abstract: Presents the expressive arts model for training substance abuse (SA) workers and treating SA clients in group settings. The model is consistent with the disease model of addiction and attempts to facilitate changes in the client's self-awareness and attitudes, which in turn can change feelings, thinking, and behaviors. The goals for SA workers are similar: increased self-expression, self-awareness, and the enhanced belief that each individual is responsible for his/her own life. The expressive arts model integrates techniques from psychodrama and music and art therapy and assumes that self-awareness follows from self-expression. Sample sessions are described.

Note: Expressive Arts Model & substance abuse worker training & group client treatment & integration of psychodrama & art therapy & music therapy & self expression & self awareness; drug rehabilitation treatment inpatients

Keyword(s): Art therapy; drug rehabilitation; psychotherapeutic techniques; psychodrama ; music therapy; psychotherapy training; drug abuse; mental health personnel; group psychotherapy

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