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October 2021

Die Vegatest-Methode - der derzeitige Stand der Entwicklung

Abstract: The Vegatest-Method, inaugurated 1978 by H. W. Schimmel, is a measurement of skin-resistance at one acupuncture point. Similiar to other methods like EAV or BFD medicaments produce a "resonance-effect". When certain homeopathic remedies, minerals etc. are in contact with the Patient, talented examinators with enough sensitivity and the ability of good concentration measure a higher resistance ("positive" effect). Two remedies with positive response tested together produce a negative effect, if they have an inner relationship (Filter ampoules). These are the basic effects of the Vegatest-Method. By using ampoules for biological age (Mesenchym), pretest-ampoules (for focus, intoxication, geopathic stress etc.), organ-ampoules (D4) it is possible to determine the actual humoralenergetic situation and to differentiate the degree of pathological influence. In the therapeutical part it is possible to test the effectivity and the possibility of side-effects. Like other biological methods the Vegatest-Method is not a substitute for good clinical examination but can help to solve the problems of chronic and unclear disease. By now there are no other methods which can give such excellent diagnostic and therapeutic informations in a short time of the humoral-energetic situation than the Vegatest-Method.

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