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October 2021

Charakterisierung von Lektinrezeptoren auf Zelloberflächen unter Berücksichtigung funktioneller Aspekte

Journal/Book: Acta-Histochem-(suppl.) 33, 9-16. 1986;

Abstract: The actual definitions of lectins are presented and discussed andlectins are classified as one group of the affinitins. The ability oflectins to bind carbohydrates serves as a widely used principle in thenature for cell recognition and adhesion processes. By means of labelledglycoconjugates the identification, localization and quantitation ofreceptor bound lectins can be investigated as by lectinological as by acombination of lectinological and immunological reactions. The specialproperties of toxic lectins are discussed by use of the lectin I frommistletoe as characteristic example. The coupling of A-chains withantibodies (immunotoxins) or other haptomers (affinotoxins) leads toagents render it possible to influence directly cell functions.

Keyword(s): ANIMAL

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